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Chasing your dreams

It’s so important to do what you love in life and to chase your dreams. I was touched to meet in Panama City a new member of the ICON family whose boyhood dream of running a health care Company has come true. I’m thrilled to welcome Felipe Ruiz to the team at ICON Group Panama, Central America and the Caribbean.

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There’s no better feeling than when ideas you’ve built are close enough to actually touch

I was in Peru recently to announce the opening of ICON Group Peru, where we are launching a pioneering eReps platform to cover the most demanding client needs both in Peru and in Ecuador. I was thrilled to see how much progress is happening with one of our newest companies.  I’ve dreamed of having an international service healthcare corporation

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Always ask, Why?

The celebration of the GohA Awards (, now also in LatAm, in concrete in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, got me reminiscing about when we launched the I Edition in Spain, Madrid. Everyone said we couldn’t do it. We asked: Why? The common logic was that getting together all healthcare stakeholders wouldn’t work, because the various health segments wouldn’t work together. In the years since

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What is creative tension and how could it help us?

What is creative tension and how could it help us? If you’ve ever experienced that niggly feeling of frustration that you’re not quite fulfilling your potential, let me introduce you to a concept called ‘creative tension.’ Not everyone has heard of it but as many experts suggest, creative tension is something that we should all tap into in order to

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How AR Can Benefit Doctors and Care ?

AR can significantly improve the quality of care. Using smart glassses and similar devices, surgeons can monitor vitals and important relevant information (for example, provided by endoscopic cameras or scanners) while performing surgery, reducing the risks of the operation.   AR is a very useful tool for patient education, both for treatment and disease prevention. Various educational apps provide valuable

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ICON CUBE StartUp, supporting Female Founders

We need to support more female entrepreneurs, in this sense ICON CUBE StartUp have been doing a great work to support women initiatives, more recently, through the first Iberoamerican Transversal Awards, Go Health Awards (, receiving hundreds of women candidacies, 72%. While just 15-20 per cent of single-person businesses (in average) were owned and run by women in 2014, 62 per cent

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Incentivising intergenerational learning at school and at workplace

  Schools and universities need to instill a culture that encourages pupils, future employers and employees, to ask for intergenerational learning. Whether it is through a skilled facilitator at an off-site, or training on asking good questions, or setting up organisation-wide competition on unearthing stories from another generation, a system of initiatives should be set in place to make learning

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