Icon GROUP is an international leader in multichannel commercialization for the health industry, including pharmaceutical laboratories, pharmacy chains, insurance agencies and governments, with innovative solutions specialized in the sector.

icon Group business units

Icon OCS

Outsourcing of our own and client-specific sales networks, specialized telephone commercialization and patient care programs.

icon Digital Solutions

Solutions and services through the digital channel, with innovative, groundbreaking platforms for commercialization via Internet, in e-detailing format and through self-developed mobile applications.

Icon Talent

Selection, training and outplacement/reorientation of health personnel, primarily of commercial teams, managers and executives.

Icon Intelligence

Analytics, market intelligence and consulting.

Icon Tech&Apps

CRM and BI applications specifically for commercial teams, primarily within the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy chains.


Remote promotion in the healthcare industry and remote patient support programs.

Multichannel is: Sales Network;Contact-Center; Digital Channel

We understand multichannel as the appropriate combination of Sales Networks, Contact Center, Digital Channel (Mobile Applications, e-Detailing and Social Networks) and Fax

Sales Network

We offer to outsource our clients’ sales teams by carrying out a comprehensive management approach that includes the selection and training of the team, project management and reports. Upon project completion, we offer outplacement and career reorientation, groundbreaking services in the market. We offer customized sales network, our own sales network and Brand Management.

Contact Center

Thanks to our international Contact Center platform with more than 3,500 telephone stations in 9 different countries, we offer a direct and efficient channel for reaching the specific target that our clients demand at any given time. The health industry’s best telephone platform at the global level with health clients of diverse segments and geographies.

Digital Channel

We innovate to offer our clients a new, highly effective and measurable channel. We use email, the web, mobile Apps, Social Networks and analyze the return in real time in a process of continuous improvement.

Million calls


Specific contact center stations


I-KoneKt Plataform

Multichannel and multi-country commercialization

i-Konekt converts icon Group in the only supplier of outsourcing commercial services at the global level, integrating all channels, both traditional (in-person visit, telephone and email) and next generation (mobile & social media), and operating in a way that is both synergetic and cost-effective.

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